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Update on the Maine Kenyan Student Art Exchange

Posted in AIDS Orphans, Maine schools, Nyumbani, Student Art exchange by Lynn Ouellette on 04/18/2010

It’s hard to believe that we have been back from Kenya for a month and a half– in some ways it feels like yesterday, in some ways like years. Fortunately the sharing of stories and photos has created and opportunity to relive the trip again and again. In e-mailing with Lloydie recently I referred to it as “the trip that keeps on giving” because my mind goes back to it so frequently and I have so many ideas about future things that I would like to do.

However, I still have another important piece of unfinished business with this trip– the final piece of the Art Exchange with the students here in Maine. I have been in contact with both the art teachers and each of us have something a little different planned. I was delighted to hear that Sharon McCormack at Jordan Acres had “blog week” for her art students and that they spent time enjoying my blog. I hear they especially enjoyed the Kenyan kids dancing videos.


On Friday April 23rd I am headed up to Brooksville (a little over 2 1/2 hours up the coast)  to visit in person. I sent the Kenyan kids art ahead of time  and it is currently displayed in the public library along with some additional African themed art that the students did. I hear from Bec that it is a beautiful display! When in Brooksville I will do a public presentatation to students and families about the trip to Kenya and about the AIDS orphans and what we learned about them and their lives. And of course I will also talk about the art exchange. I am planning to bring some “show and tell”  items like a Maasai blanket, a basket from the village, etc  as well as lots of pictures. Most of all I am really looking forward to meeting the artists!

More about the exchange at Jordan Acres later…….

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  1. Lloydie said, on 04/19/2010 at 11:07 pm

    Lynn, Love the pictures, love the cultural exchange! This IS the trip that keeps on giving! Keep blogging, I look forward to each addition! Amani rafiki, Lloydie


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