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Video clips:Traditional tribal dance practice at Nyumbani Village

Posted in AIDS Orphans, Nyumbani by Lynn Ouellette on 03/01/2010

While we visited NyumbaniVillage we had the opportunity to see (and participate in ) a lot of dancing which was traditional for the Kamba tribe. I did not do the best job with my video camera here since I often had left it behind not realizing the frequency that the opportunities would arise for using it and later had some editing snafus and lost some of the footage I would have like to have shared– I often have a strained relationship with technology. We did however have the chance to attend the practice for one of the drama class–really tribal song and dance– at Nyumbani village in which many students were involved. Although it started at the same time as my art project, it was still going strong well beyond the time that finished and I think that the students sang and danced for almost 3 hours in that 85+ degree heat. I am told that they do amazingly well in competitions when they put this altogether with tribal dress and have even made it to the Kenyan national competition in the past. This is just the beginning of their practices which we had great fun watching (www.plopsymd.wordpress.com):

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