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SAFARI Photos!

Posted in Kenya, Safari by Lynn Ouellette on 02/12/2010

Zebra and flamingos

We did arrive home last night after 29 hours of traveling, weary but glad to finally get and at the same time missing Kenya and our fellow travelers Mary, Karen and Lloydie.

These are some of the many photos I took while on safari. I had a hard time narrowing them down so have posted quite a few as you can see. I have posted a number of the baboon photos because, of all the animals, I had the most fun watching them. They act a lot like humans with the ways that they take care of each other, the adults take care of the babies, the youngsters play with each other and are overall very entertaining to watch. We saw many other animals and I have many photos to edit, but this is a sampling.
 I will have some additional posts even though we are home since I have some additional things to share about our travels, the art created by the Kenyan kids, and more photos.
I hope you enjoy the safari photos!

Maasai Mara landscape

Giraffe with 2 ox peckers

Back from safari….. tearful goodbyes soon

Posted in AIDS Orphans, Safari by Lynn Ouellette on 02/10/2010

Beautiful lion at Maasai Mara

We are just back from safari and I have only a few moments to post before we go over to the Nyumbani Children’s Home to pay a final visit to the medical clinic, offer our final donations and say our goodbyes.

What I can say about the safari is that it was amazing!! We spent 2 days at Maasai Mara and one day at Lake Nakuru. Morning game drives began at 6:30 AM and evening game drives were at 3:30 until 6:30. 

We saw so many different animals; we were entertained by the frolics of baboons, awed by the grace of gazelles, inspired by the majesty of lions, a little anxious in the presence of rhinos, and lost in a sea of zebras, cape buffalos, and much much more. At the top of a mountain we were in the middle of a huge herd of elephants and it was magical. Lake Nakuru was covered in beautiful pink flamingos. In many instances we saw baby versions of the animals that were adorable—even the warthogs. In the Maasai Mara even if we hadn’t seen any animals it would have been a photographer’s dream because the scenery was so beautiful!

Baby baboon

We also visited a Maasai village and were warmly greeted with dancing, singing and a tour. That will have to be a separate post as I have a lot to say about the Maasai.

I will post a whole gallery of photos that I can’t wait to share once I get home but  I don’t have much time now and it takes so long to upload from here but I wanted to give a preview.

It will be very hard to say our goodbyes today. This has been an experience that has opened our eyes and hearts in so many ways that words cannot begin to describe. We have already begun to talk about our next trip and how knowing the “lay of the land” will allow us to do more useful service projects.  I already have some ideas……..

But I’m off to the Children’s Home and will be happy to see the children’s smiling faces again.   It will be an afternoon of tearful goodbyes before we board the airplane and I will leave a piece of my heart in Kenya.

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