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Along the Road in Kenya

Posted in Kenya by Lynn Ouellette on 02/10/2012

An interesting juxtaposition of names......Rumours cafe next to the Psalm hotel......and Trust is a condem ad.

Being on the road in Kenya lends itself to taking in  a lot of scenery, some very beautiful, some very reflective of the culture, and  some reflective of the different uses of language that is prone to tickle the funnybones of travelers. Whenever we were on the road we always took pictures out the window and enjoyed sightings of the things that were typically Kenyan such as having to stop the car for an ambling cow crossing.

Cows crossing!

People seemed to be walking on the side of the road all the time with heavy things on their heads or babies on the backs and we enjoyed watching them. Sometimes we even saw some unconventional ways of getting around.

Family walking using an umbrella for shade

Standing up on a donkey cart

What we ultimately ended up enjoying the most, or at least in a different way from the beautiful scenery, were the signs or displays on the front of hotels, retaurants and store fronts since these often were quite humorous to the American interpretation. We made a sport out of trying to capture the images from the car. One of my favorites, which I unfortunately failed to capture because I was on the wrong side of the car was a billboard ad for a restaurant which said “Now it’s official! We have the tastiest breasts and thighs.” There were however a lot of others that made us chuckle and a sampling will follow.

No breeze, and more importantly, no ocean anywhere around here

The name says it all

Another name that says it all...

We were puzzled by the Mixer and vibrator sign after an initial laugh, but I've since thought that maybe its a cement mixer and jackhammer??!

A typical hair salon

Not exactly Starbucks, but you only get instant Nescafe for coffee anyway and tea is always made with milk and LOTS of sugar

I included this one for two reasons: Lynne's last name is Israel and I thought my son might like to see an alternative school of engineering 😉

Kenyan's are very spiritual people, generally in a very lovely way, sometimes this gets extended beyond what we Westerners would have anticipated

We couldn't help but wonder how well this name was working for business?!

We liked this one since Lala Salama is goodnight and what we said to each other in the style of "the Waltons" each night.

In case you missed it in the corner of the last picture, this raised our curiosity....

we enjoyed being on the road and taking in the culture and though I’m poking a little fun by posting these, it’s okay because all of us are undeniably in love with Kenya and with the Kenyan people. I will do another post that shows you more of the beauty of the country side, and one with more of the beautiful faces, perhaps a collection of some of our more memorable moments that I haven’t yet shared. Though I’m home now I still have more to share and there’s truly a dual purpose in that: to share the magic of the experince and to not let too much of it slip away as I get pulled into the incredible busyness of my life here. I need to hang onto this incredible experience and all its richness for me as well as sharing it. So stay tuned there is more to come.

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  1. Bill said, on 02/10/2012 at 9:30 am

    When pouring wet cement into a tall form, sometimes a vibrator is used to encourage the mixture to settle evenly toward the bottom of the form.


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