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Faces and places of Nyumbani Village

Posted in AIDS Orphans, Nyumbani by Lynn Ouellette on 02/19/2010

Tom and a friend

I took quite a few pictures at Nyumbani Village, but now that I am home, I regret that I didn’t take more of the structure of the village itself so that I would have those to show. I don’t really have pictures of the homes, and the buildings because I was so taken with the people that I didn’t think much about photographing the structures. We were also busy every minute during the day so wandering around to take extra photos wasn’t something that easily fell into place. I so wish I also could have taken a photo of the night sky while I was there; it was the most amazing bright  starry sky that I have ever seen. We dragged our chairs outside at night just to sit and look up at it knowing that we would not see the sky look like that again once we returned home.  

I do however have many photos of the people and I loved taking their pictures, from young to old. The children were all incredibly adorable and the grandmothers had wonderful weathered faces that you knew each had an amazing story to tell.

Although I could not speak Kamba, except for a couple of greeting that they taught me with great enthusiasm, I could tell from their energy, liveliness, exuberance and quick movement into song and dance (and expectation that we join them) that these grandmothers would have a lot to say If I could speak their language. For now I just have to go with body langauge which said quite a bit about their approach to life.

Lloydie, Mercy and 3 grandmotheGirls peeking out of the classroom door



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  1. Lloydie said, on 02/20/2010 at 11:51 pm

    Lynn, Great photos! You will just have to come back to get more of the structures!


  2. Lynn said, on 02/21/2010 at 7:07 am

    Yes, next time I’ll get more pictures of the “structures” and update the people pictures!

    P.S. I fixed Mark’s name, you may have noticed I had the wrong name on his photo.


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