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The Art Exchange!

Posted in 1 by Lynn Ouellette on 02/06/2010

I loved how Mary's picture captured the spirit of the art exchange!

Today was a time for some lighter moments with the children of Nyumbani Children’s Home. The boys had football games (aka soccer in the USA) at a neighboring school and we, the American visitors, set off on the bus with them to be their cheering squad of Mzungu’s (the Kiswahili word used to refer to Caucasian people). I think they really appreciated our presence since they don’t have parents to cheer them on and we gave them a lot enthusiasm from the sidelines.

Following some scurrying back to the Children’s home, we set up for and afternoon of art projects in three sessions. I introduced the projects by sharing the art work that had been sent by the Jordan Acres students, which we all enjoyed, and explained that it had been sent especially to the kids at Nyumbani to say hello and to be friendly from America. When I asked if they wanted to do art work for me to bring back to the kids who had sent it to them there was plenty of enthusiasm and the children came into the school room and got right to work. Some even wanted to do a second picture. They really enjoyed working with all of the different materials and produced some wonderful pictures that I can’t wait to share. The art from the Jordan Acres students will go on a special shelf in the library here where all the kids at the Children’s Home will be able to look at it and enjoy it.

The last group was the AB kids with whom I planned to share the Brooksville art books. I explained to them that the kids in Brooksville had sent little books about their lives in Maine and that they would all personally get to keep one. I also told them that I had saved this project especially for them because they are the same age and I really wanted them to do it. They all responded with resounding “Thank you’s” to be offered a special project and when they saw that there were the same blank books that had made for them to do their art. I have to say that the Brooksville kids will have some great art coming back to them and I am excited to share that too.

I am thrilled that this part of the art exchange has been accomplished and that the orphans here in Kenya have heard the “Jambo’s” and felt many good wishes form their “friends in America.”

We head off on safari tomorrow! I saw a monkey run across the schoolyard today– that got me excited for the coming attractions. No posts for awhile, we are off to Massai Mara!

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  1. Sharon McCormack said, on 02/09/2010 at 12:29 pm

    Hello Lynn,
    We are loving your blog at JA. What a fantastic experience you are having. I have sent another reminder home to the JA students so that they can follow your blog from home. Enjoy the rest of your trip. I am looking forward to a coffee date when you return (after you are able to catch up with life).
    Sharon McCormack
    Jordan Acres School
    Brunswick, Maine


    • Lynn said, on 02/10/2010 at 6:56 am

      Thanks Sharon! The art has meant so much to everyone here. I can’t wait to share what the kids have created when I return. I’ll be in touch!



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