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Posted in AIDS in Africa, AIDS Orphans by Lynn Ouellette on 11/16/2009
Nyumbani Poem

Lloydie and the children from the Nyumbani orphanage

 We leave for our trip to Kenya on January 28th and have much to do to get ready. We have been deeply inspired by Lloydie Zaiser who is incredibly devoted and energetic in her dedication to the children of Nyumbani. We are also grateful for all her work in organizing our trip and creating a meaningful itinerary (www.k-e-s-t.com ).  Please click on  “Nyumbani poem” above to hear the voice of one nyumbani orphan.

We have also been inspired by Stanley Waringo,  our Bowdoin college host family student from Kenyan, whom we enjoyed having as part of our family for four years and beyond.   Stanley rode the bike treks across the country in support of Nyumbani and first introduced us to the organization.

Lloydie has done an amazing job creating an itinerary which has integrated us into the Nyumbani programs and winds down the emotional intensity (if one could even say use the phrase wind down about any part of this trip) by setting up a safari and a visit to a Massai village on the last few  days. Although the volunteer activities are built in and we will travel with a large load of doanted items, my husband and I wanted to each do a special project that would give something to the children that would reflect sharing something personal. Since my husband is a runner he will do a running clinic with the adolscent boys and hand over some of the hundreds of running T shirts that he has collected over the years. Since I am an artist and photographer, I will share an art project and record it photographically with the help of some special and generous participants from Maine……more about that later. Though we are both physicians and will be learning about the medical facilities and I, as a psychiatrist, will spend time with the social worker, our special projects, by design, will not involve medicine…… this time.

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  1. miriam said, on 11/29/2009 at 6:58 pm

    Terrific blog. We are proud of you!


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